Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Zambia


Massey Ferguson, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and is a part of the market since 1953. It develops a wide range of agricultural equipment (tractors) that offers great service and provides convenience in farming to farmers. As agriculture is directly linked with countries’ economy and many kinds of research has been implemented in order to get productive crops.

Tractors are the most essential tool for farming. Farmers ploughing manually or sowing seeds would take them a lot of time whereas tractors would cover a large area more efficiently and shortly as they have powerful transmissions and can carry a heavy load. As agriculture is an important fundamental in economic development and a source of employment especially for developing countries like Zambia.

Agriculture is not only important for food supply but provides raw materials and for industries. countries like Zambia where agriculture is a key sector in the growth and a source of national, have a vast productive land to get a positive change in agriculture. The aim is to produce maximum output in less manual work is mainly the most important objective of any country. To ease farming many companies came into this competitive market and provided the opportunity for farmers to get the right equipment for their crops according to their farm.

Farmers accepted the Massey Ferguson tractors and recommend our equipment. we have been well-equipped tools for harvesting the crop productively and in a short span of time, the Zambian farmers are contented with our services. as they have chosen the right brand for their farming. the use of Massey Ferguson tractors has become inevitable. It is the most demanding brand in Zambia because of its characteristics and for the accomplishments, it has done in farming tasks like ploughing, harvesting, sowing, and spraying.

Brand New Massey Ferguson Tractors Models 50hp To 85hp

For the most cultivated crop in Zambia, we offer 9500 tractors mounted combine harvester, 3581MM cutting capacity with the power of 50-70 HP. For more, we have a wide range of tractors for Zambia according to the need of the farm. MF-240 with HP 50, MF-260 and 360 with HP 60, MF- 375 with HP 75, and MF -385 either 2WD or 4WD with HP 85, 4wheel drive MF-385 tractors, which are suitable for large scale farming. The Massey tractor comes with advanced features like a powerful engine, big fuel tank capacity, heavy hydraulic lifting capacity.

Why Massey Ferguson Tractors?

Massey Ferguson tractors, harvesting machinery, and farm equipment have been helping to develop the country’s agriculture for over 60 years. Today, the brand and its machines continue to play a major role in Zambian farming. The reason Zambian farmers support Massey Ferguson’s presence in Zambia.

Massey Ferguson tractors are the country’s top-selling models with an estimated 20% market share. Massey Ferguson (AGCO) opens its first farm in Zambia. We provide a range of superior quality compact and medium-sized tractors according to the requirements of customers. we offer robust farm tractors with an extreme amount of ease and efficiency for farmers to perform all kinds of farming activities in a short period of time.

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